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No one wants to deliver a product that looks unprofessional, slap-dash or fired off in a hurry. Infinite Monkeys Design is here to help you deliver a polished, finished product that will draw the right sort of attention to upcoming events through the use of social media, website design, posters and mail-out marketing, typesetting and more.

With more than a decade of experience in journalism, website design, and social media interaction, Infinite Monkeys can provide you with what you need at prices you can afford. When pricing out a project, we take everything in to consideration: Are you a business, or a charitable organization? Is this a free event for your community, or is it a pay-for-access event?

We take care of everything at all stages, from creating engaging copy, providing editing and proofreading, layout and typesetting, artistic design and logo creation, and print. Infinite Monkeys Design prides itself on offering realistic rates and realistic timelines: If we can’t do it in your timeline, we’ll be honest about it before we take on the project.