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Here at Infinite Monkeys Design, we pride ourselves on being able to offer reasonably-priced services and realistic timelines for project completion. We offer a free consultation to develop a basic plan with potential clients, so our clients can see what their money is buying. An in-depth consultation fleshes out the consultation after services are contracted.

What comes in your free consultation?

  • A discussion of the project:
    • Is this something IMD is capable of doing?
    • Is this a single layer project (i.e. a poster) or a multi-layer project (i.e. a History book with photo editing, proof-reading, typesetting, and photo editing)
  • The anticipated time-frame for project completion:
    • What is the client’s deadline for project completion?
    • How many hours a day can IMD devote for the project at this time (balance of project load)
  • A breakdown of hourly or project rates:
    • Is this for a business, a community organization, or a charity?
    • Are there multiple projects in a contract?
    • Is there a possibility for in-kind work (i.e. new video card for computer in lieu of monetary payment)